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Geith Heavy Duty Bucket

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Item Description

Our heavy duty bucket is our most popular attachment. This bucket provides a very good compromise between the expense of cast lip buckets and unsuitability of G.P. buckets for heavier digging applications. Cutting edge is 400 BHN through hardened alloy steel and most models have cast lower side sections which accept optional bolt-on wear shrouds or sidecutters. Heavy alloy steel side and bottom wear straps are standard on all our heavy duty excavator buckets.

Key Benefits

  • Unrestricted inside design and three-way taper ensure full capacity loading and clean, fast dumping
  • Heavy-duty mounting brackets conform to O.E.M. specification 
  • Corner reinforcing gussets add strength and stability
  • Choice of tooth systems available 
  • High strength abrasion resistant alloy steel cutting edge 
  • All buckets have facility for bolt on wear shrouds or sidecutters 
  • High Strength steel used in bucket shell increases rigidity 
  • Vertical Wear Straps provide extra durability and increases life of buck
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